Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Can you Help Raggedy Andy?

Raggedy Andy is just six months old, but he has a heart condition that will greatly limit the length of his life.

His breeder is in Northern New Hampshire and would like to simply give this special boy to someone who can love him for whatever time he has left. It would be wonderful if someone had the funds to take him to a veterinary specialist school, to see if there is something more that could be done for him, but his regular vet says that sweet Andy was just born with a "bad ticker" so he may simply have only a short time to live and be loved.

This boy is still young, birthdate in March of 2011. He is a Moyen sized Poodle, which is a smaller sized Standard Poodle.

If you can help by offering him a forever home, please email me at knowingdogs@yahoo.com and I will send you contact information for his breeder. If you love Poodles but cannot add another to your family, yet you still want to help Andy--perhaps you could donate to help get him to a veterinary school just in the chance that they might have a miracle up their sleeve for him. If you could help in that way, let me know that too--as his breeder could find a volunteer to take the time to drive a day or more to get him to a canine cardiologist if funds were available. There are many people who own and love Poodles from this breeder, and all are networking for little Raggedy Andy.

Thanks also for prayers for little boy Raggedy Andy. Prayers for a home to love him for whatever time he has here, that is the very least he deserves!


Monday, September 19, 2011

I have been under the weather so am behind on posting Joey's journal but wanted to take the time to share this lovely photo that his Mom Charlene Dunlap sent me today--what a gorgeous pup! Joey has been very busy recently training for his movie career, hope to share more with you soon.
ps to Charlene, Joey's Mom---your grooming is so lovely, as always!