Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Merry Christmas from my friend Jeanne Haight and her sweet Poodles Morgen and Cole!

Wishing all of my Poodle friends a lovely Christmas and a very Happy New Year!


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wysong's 100 Pet Truths--You May Be Shocked!

Some time ago I subscribed to the free emails from Wysong entitled "Wysong's 100 Pet Truths". Wysong was the first pet food manufacturing company, many years ago, that started publishing information about the myth that dog food manufacturers constantly marketed concerning "complete and balanced". Dr. Randy Wysong published a video and numerous written materials about the importance of feeding fresh food, not just commercial pet food, to our animals. As the years have passed, my confidence in this company has increased. Recently I asked, and was granted, permission to reprint these "pet truths" so from time to time I have shared them on my Knowing Dogs blog. Today's post from Wysong contained such great information that I decided to share it with my Poodle friends. If you would like to receive free informational emails like this from Wysong, visit their website: www.wysong.net.


The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) has created another device to supposedly prove to consumers that packaged processed pet foods are perfect "complete and balanced." These studies are flawed in many respects. For one, they are short-term, denying that nutrition can have an effect beyond the few weeks used in a feeding trial. Undetected nutrient imbalance in youth has been shown to affect susceptibility to many chronic degenerative diseases which appear later in life (far beyond the scope of the few weeks of a feeding trial). Even the health of future generations can be affected by diet through transference of nutritionally-induced genetic weakness.

In the past, animals being fed "complete and balanced" pet foods, as determined by the food meeting certain nutrient percentage requirements (National Research Council [NRC] requirements), have succumbed to disease. So feeding trials were introduced. But, as shown in a previous Truth, foods that have passed the feeding trials have produced disease as well.

An AAFCO feeding trial requires a manufacturer to send food to a laboratory where it is fed to caged laboratory breeds for a period of 26 weeks. Hair coat, weight, body measurement, and a few blood tests are run to determine nutritional perfection "100% complete­ness." Only six of the eight animals in the test need to pass in order to stamp the food complete and balanced. Such a testing method is like trying to measure the length of a virus with a yardstick.

Obviously, a few general measures do not fully reflect either nutritional adequacy or long term optimal health. "Caged" human prisoners of war have survived for years on little more than water and rice. Survival, or passing crude measures of nutrient deficiency, does not equal nutritional "completeness" (perfection).

Additionally, results from an unfortunate laboratory-bred puppy or kitten living on concrete or in a stainless steel cage, under fluorescent lights, breathing conditioned air, do not correlate to real animals in homes and back yards. Obviously not. If feeding trials worked, thousands of cats fed feeding-trial-proven diets with "100% complete" claims on their labels would not have died from taurine deficiency (see Truth #45).

Any animal lover must also object to the unnecessary cruelty of imprisoning animals for months and years, testing them with every manner of junk food to see if they will get sick. Particularly is this so since feeding trials do nothing more than perpetuate the complete and balanced myth. This myth is intended to deceive people into feeding their pets with the deadly practice of using one dead, devitalized, processed food meal after meal.

This practice benefits only the pet food industry and their regulatory enablers. Having the AAFCO feeding trial stamp of approval on a processed pet food you are feeding meal after meal, will do nothing for the health of your pet. You, taking charge of feeding using the common sense you use with your own meals and the wisdom of nature, can.

Thought for the day: "Dogs' lives are too short. Their only fault, really." Agnes Sligh Turnbull

Word for the day: Longevity: noun: length of life span. Trick is to make health span equal life span (longevity).

(c) Wysong, Inc, reprinted with permission. For more information about Wysong products, visit www.wysong.net.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Welcoming Scotty!

I was thrilled when Charlene Dunlap of Canine Horizons agreed to let me introduce her new addition to her Poodle family. If you have followed the blog, you have seen journal entries from in the past from the handsome and talented Joey (Kitsue's Calypso Kid).

The adorable young red and white boy is Joey's new little brother Scotty (Kitsue's Calypso Kid).

Congratulations Charlene and thanks for sharing these photos with my readers!

As you can see, Scotty is already learning to pose for photos, both outdoors and inside in the training building where he is already training for future movie shots!

For more information about the incredible training Charlene does with her dogs, including movie work, or more information about the history of parti-colored Poodles, please visit her website, www.caninehorizons.com. If you would like to just enjoy the adventures and training of the Parti boys, you can enjoy this on the second Canine Horizons website by clicking here: Canine Horizons Parti Boys.

Canine Horizon's website is a wealth of Poodle information, including even short Poodle movies for your enjoyment!

Note to Scotty--wishing you many great years of fun with Charlene, Glenn and the Dunlap's parti Poodle pack of Jyah, Sydney and Joey. You could not have picked a better home to join!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Reason Everyone Needs a Poodle

I could write a ten page article about why no therapy in the world is quite as good as Poodle therapy, but I think this photo of Rick Miles with his Poodle Houdini says it all!

Have you ever rocked a human baby until it fell asleep on your chest? It feels a lot like that, except softer and curlier!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Poodles Behaving at the Dog Park!

Just as I was posting the "mid-air" photos of Jeanne's Poodle group at the dog park, she was sending me this photo taken today at the park. The dark brindle pup is Jeanne's boy "Cole".

Jeanne says:

"Here is a photo of an intense Cole and his friend, Beamish, who also loves to chase tennis balls. My friend, Dorothy (whom Beamish owns) makes them sit before she sends a tennis ball flying from the "chuckit." Usually, Cole will sit and then start to scoot backwards to get a head start, but this time I caught him being good! We had 16 Poos this morning. Life is good with a Poo!

The 16 Poodles this morning is about average for us.........we've had 32 (I think is the correct number) on a day I wasn't able to make it. But it's not uncommon to have between 15 and 25 Poodles join us on The Poodle Walk at the Park. *G*

You are so right Jeanne, life is good with a Poo! Sure wish we had a well run dog park in our area, with a dozen or two Poodles who could meet every week---what fun! And what a testament to the breed in general, that they can have regular play dates with dozens getting along so well together!

Poodles in the Air!

I admit...I've never been a fan of dog parks, at least not the unsupervised kind where anyone can come and let their dog run off-leash. When you've been a dog trainer as long as I have, you've heard about a few dog park nightmares (in fact I even SAW a few back when I lived in North Carolina, in a dog park at a city park, which was totally unsupervised. So my Standard Poodle girl, as much as I know she would like to give it a whirl, has never been to a dog park. She has however, had a lot of fun playing with those of her own kind at Poodle parties!)

But.. back to dog parks, if you find a good one, where you can SAFELY allow your dog to interact with other friendly dogs, it can provide extreme fun for your Poodles, especially the Standard sized ones. My Poodle fancier friend Jeanne Haight takes her two Standards to a safe dog park every week, and she is fortunate enough to have a close friend who lives nearby and brings her Poodles as well, so the whole "Poodle crew" can enjoy fun runs together at the dog park.

I guess mid-air is a common Poodle position at dog parks? Here is what Jeanne wrote to me, in reference to the "flying Poodles"

"The funny thing about the Poodles in the air is that the silver with 4 feet off the ground, is my Morgen, who really doesn't care about chasing the ball, but if she can get it and keep it away from Cole, it's a Wonderful game for her. She tears around the park, with Cole close behind, trying to bite her on the butt, barking and complaining, and she just revels in that she can keep one step ahead of him. The apricot in the air, is Beamish. I was trying to get a mid air picture of Cole, who practises all sorts of gymnastics in the air, but he's too fast."

Thank you for sharing these photos Jeanne! I hope that Morgen and Cole, and their Poodle friends had lots of fun dog park time at the park this autumn. Hasn't it been a lovely fall this year?

But bundle up, snow coming soon, winter is on its way. It is windy and cold today even at Smith Mountain Lake here in the southern part of Virginia. I bet you guys already have a fire in your fireplace up there near Chicagoland.

Looking forward to the season's first "fun in the snow photos" soon!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Don't Worry, Be Happy

Remember the song, "Don't Worry, Be Happy".....don't worry be happy now!
This song started playing in my mind when I saw the big grin on the Poodle boy in this photo that my friend Chris L'Abbe shared with me. As we get older, cold weather can tempt us to just stay inside and hibernate as much as possible until Spring. But most Poodles don't feel this way at all. Think about how many times you have seen a Poodle with the "zoomies"--running huge laps around the yard when the weather starts to cool off. Isn't it funny too how if we have a pile of leaves that we raked, Poodles will, just like kids, make sure they head right for them while they are zooming! One thing that has always interested me is that I often see my older dogs zooming around the yard as the leaves begin to fall, even though it is inevitable that many of them are experiencing more arthritis pain due to weather changes but still, even though they may not be able to "zoom" quite as long as the younger guys, they are still going to take a lap or two. Dogs seem to have an unlimited capacity for joy--at least the average Poodle is this way. He is just looking for a reason to be happy! Let's take a lesson today from our Poodles---Don't Worry, Be Happy, Be Happy Now!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Thanks, re Dad

Many friends from a Poodle email list have written this morning, to express their sympathy on the loss of my Dad. It is so amazing that people I have never even met care enough to drop a line of kindness...Poodle people are, like their dogs, very special.

A special thank you to photographer Rick Miles (a/k/a the Poodle Joy photographer)for sending me this bouquet of flowers...am posting them here in memory of my Dad, Charles Farrell Travis, who loved me despite my dog related addictions. We found a Standard Poodle when I was in the 3rd grade, he was with us just a few weeks, but I think he is the reason I fell in love with the breed. Daddy named him "de Gaulle" after the famous Frenchman and Daddy would let him ride to the post office with us on Saturday mornings. Dad worked constantly, but whenever he was in town, he would take me with him often on weekend errands.

Dad bought my younger half-sisters a Standard Poodle when they were little, "Mooshka" lived to be 15 or 16. I'm not sure if I spelled his name correctly. It is the Finnish word for "Snoopy", as my stepmother is Finnish. Mooshka was a big black Standard who LOVED to retrieve so much that he would catch a rock if someone tried to throw one out of the garden. He was ball crazy and Daddy thought it was a hoot that he would even catch snowballs, plus he would leap very high to catch a ball or snowball. I hope Dad is playing ball with him today, as they walk in the beautiful gardens in heaven. Daddy loved the outdoors and flowers, so thank you Rick for sending this special photo for me to post today.

Love you Daddy, always and forever until we meet again.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Miss you Lizzie!

It has been 4 years now, since we lost our lovely Lizzie...she was the sweetest girl EVER. Here she is when we were playing "foot up" for a photo shoot years ago:

Several of my friends have lost dogs recently, so I wanted to share a link to an article I wrote about my experience after I lost Lizze: Losing Special Friends

Love and sympathy to all of you are missing a special friend tonight (Julie, this is especially for you, re your sweet Ginger--I have owned precious mixed breeds that were just as priceless to me as my Lizzie. I know your Golden mix Ginger was one of these gems).

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Can you Help Raggedy Andy?

Raggedy Andy is just six months old, but he has a heart condition that will greatly limit the length of his life.

His breeder is in Northern New Hampshire and would like to simply give this special boy to someone who can love him for whatever time he has left. It would be wonderful if someone had the funds to take him to a veterinary specialist school, to see if there is something more that could be done for him, but his regular vet says that sweet Andy was just born with a "bad ticker" so he may simply have only a short time to live and be loved.

This boy is still young, birthdate in March of 2011. He is a Moyen sized Poodle, which is a smaller sized Standard Poodle.

If you can help by offering him a forever home, please email me at knowingdogs@yahoo.com and I will send you contact information for his breeder. If you love Poodles but cannot add another to your family, yet you still want to help Andy--perhaps you could donate to help get him to a veterinary school just in the chance that they might have a miracle up their sleeve for him. If you could help in that way, let me know that too--as his breeder could find a volunteer to take the time to drive a day or more to get him to a canine cardiologist if funds were available. There are many people who own and love Poodles from this breeder, and all are networking for little Raggedy Andy.

Thanks also for prayers for little boy Raggedy Andy. Prayers for a home to love him for whatever time he has here, that is the very least he deserves!


Monday, September 19, 2011

I have been under the weather so am behind on posting Joey's journal but wanted to take the time to share this lovely photo that his Mom Charlene Dunlap sent me today--what a gorgeous pup! Joey has been very busy recently training for his movie career, hope to share more with you soon.
ps to Charlene, Joey's Mom---your grooming is so lovely, as always!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Joey's Journal Saturday August 28

Joey's Journal - August 27, 2011

Hello Everybody ~~ hope y'all (Southern dog-talk) are doing well.

Well, all we're getting from "Irene" is light rain and a little bit of wind. Grandmama Sue had told me about "hurry-canes" and I knew just what to do -- yesterday, I hurried and hurried and chased her away. Mom says I'm a hero. < bark, bark >

Dad sold his BIG truck yesterday and Mom and we dogs waited in the van to take him home. Mom took this picture thru the window just before the rain started. (Dad is the one in the green shirt and wearing a baseball cap.) Goodbye BIG truck.
Today, when it stops raining, we're going to go get some carpet to use for my next chroma-key shots. (Dad hopes it will work better than the painted room.) In order for me to look my best, Mom says I have to have my feet and face shaved this weekend and then a bath on Monday. What we actors must do for our craft!! Next time, Mom, can I play a scruffy character?


Friday, August 26, 2011

Joey and Storm Worries Friday 082611

Joey's Journal - August 26, 2011

Hi Everyone ~~ did you miss me? All day yesterday, Dad was with people who were interested in buying his big truck -- so all day Mom and we Poodles just "waited". Well, Dad sold the truck and this morning we went to a notary where Mom and Dad signed the truck title over to the new owner. Now, Dad can devote ALL of his time and attention to ME. < bark, bark >

Here I am in the office - "waiting"
Here I am on Mom's office desk "waiting" with Sydney.
And here's Jyah in the office "waiting" . . . (I tried to get in this picture too but Mom said "Enough is enough" - whatever that means).
I heard on the news that a BIG "her a cane" is supposed to come by here tomorrow. So, depending on how big she is and how much damage she causes, I may not be writing for awhile.

Hope everyone is safe where you are ~~
ps from Melanie---Joey, hope you and yours are kept safe through the storm, as well as wishing all of your followers a safe weekend. My heart goes out to those of you who have had to evacuate. Prayers and Hugs.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Joey's Journal Wednesday August 24, 2011

Joey's Journal - August 24, 2011

Bark, bark ~~

It's still really hot here doing the day so we usually do our active stuff in the morning andhe evening after the sun goes down.

Here I am last evening waiting for Dad to get the Mule ready so we can go for a ride in the woods. Notice that I'm riding in the back with Jyah and Sydney. That lasted most of the ride. Mom is letting me decide when I want to finally ride back there.

After dinner last evening, we played a scenting game and I was REALLY GREAT at it!!
(Note from Charlene: this is how I taught Jyah and Sydney to learn to search for different scents http://www.caninehorizons.com/Scent_One.html but Joey is learning it at four-months-old, and he is AMAZING!)

The jar with baked liver inside is on the bottom bookshelf next to the blue books. Joey found it and automatically sat. The little genius! ("Sit" is the signal I train the dogs to use to tell me they've found the scent). Second picture is where he first found the jar on the sofa by the cushions. He sat automatically. What a puppy!!

Below, I set the jar on the second shelf of the music stand (next to where his nose is in the picture) then brought him into the room. It didn't take him any time to find the jar. See how he sits to get rewarded? Good, boy, Joey!!! Glenn took lots more pictures but these will give you the idea. We're going to video Joey finding the scent jar - probably next week.

I was pretty hot after searching for the jar so many times, so Dad gave me an icecube to play with . . . one of my favorite toys!!

This morning, I did my regular stuff including bringing the newspaper - then Jyah and Sydney and I relaxed in the shade for awhile.

Off to eat lunch and take a nap.


Monday, August 22, 2011

Oh...the Life of a Star!

That Joey, his journal never ceases to amaze me! I hope his "crew" of photographers and trainers are well paid, as he sure does keep them busy (but I heard a rumor that they are VOLUNTEERS, that Joey has talked his human parents into doing all this, can you imagine?)

Don't you just love Joey? Here is what he is up to today:

Joey's Journal - August 22, 2011

Hi, Everyone ~~

Hey, Cuzzin Shea, I like spaghetti as much as you do! Mom and Dad had that for dinner last night -- only they told me it was "worms". I like worms so much and gobble them down so quickly that Mom had to take several pictures just to get one where you could actually see the worms.

Today, after going to PetSmart, we ate at Qdido's Mexican Grill which is in the same shopping center. It was really hot outside - 85 in the shade - but there were lots of people coming and going so we had loads to look at -- and, oh boy, the smells!
Thought you might like to see how we do green-screen/chroma-key. In this green-room video (this is a still from it), I'm lying on the floor then I get up and put my feet on the box and look up. In editing, Mom cuts herself out of the frame.
In the second picture, Mom has chroma-keyed the green out and and put me into a "Basket Sales in the Republic of Georgia" clip. In commercial movies, they do this sort of thing all the time. Mom says that using chroma-key on fuzzy dogs is really difficult. Also, she and Dad are trying to find a better solution than the painted walls and floor we currently have because light reflects so strongly on paint that it reflects green onto my white hair and it's hard to key it out without making parts of me disappear like the green does.

There's lots of stuff to learn in this movie-making business! < woof >


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Joey's Journal Sunday August 21, 2011

Joey's Journal - August 21, 2011

How are you all today? Cool, I hope. It's gradually getting cooler here and we can stay out longer in the mornings. I've only ever known hot outside weather so I'm looking forward to when the outside is "air-conditioned" too.

We're resting now 'cause Mom and Dad are going to shoot more green-screen video of me later so I thought I'd show you what I did this morning. You will note, I'm sure, that as a movie star I have puparazzi constantly following me around. < bark, bark >

Here I am going over the top of the "straight maze" and going down through the incline tunnel. Mom and Dad don't put me on things - they wait until I want to try it on my own. Mom keeps telling me, "You're just a baby, you can't do this one yet." So, that's the one I want to do!
Mom and Dad were astonished when I jumped up the separated platforms this morning -- and also when I jumped back down. (Luckily, Puparazzi Mom was on hand to record it.) I've watch Jyah and Sydney doing this loads of times and, since I'm a big boy now, I thought I'd try it.

Sway bridges are easy peasy! In the second picture there's a long ramp at the end where I came up to go through this tunnel.
I sure like having my own door so I can come and go as I please. (Note from Charlene: Joey doesn't know that when he goes out, one of his parents always looks out the window to watch what he does and to make sure he's safe.)
We're going to go do more movie stuff now.


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Joey the Actor Is Already Quite Busy!

Joey's Journal - August 20, 2011

Hello Everyone -- well, we've been pretty busy here. Yesterday, we started shooting my first movie. Mom says I'm a natural actor, and I'm only four months old!! She says she loves that I'm so expressive . . . I even do "head tilts" just like my big brother Jyah. (Mom is ecstatic about that!)

Here's a still from video we took this morning where I'm carrying a "library" book away from the Chatham County Bookmobile. Sadly, the bookmobile was demobilized last month due to county budget cuts. Happily, Dad found where it was parked and we got some video shots.
For the pictures below, I was on a green-painted floor in front of a green-painted wall and Dad shot video of me doing different things that mom was telling me to do. Then Mom put these shots into some video clips and chroma-keyed the green out so that it looks like I'm really in these different places. Mom says there is quite a bit more work to do in the chroma-key process to make me look "natural" in the scenes -- but these "raw" clips are just as she put me into them without any adjustments.

Here I am in Australia learning about kangaroos
And watching Barong dancers in Bali
Then I went to Italy to watch a 17th century festa
And on to Rarotonga to search for seashells.
More later,

Friday, August 19, 2011

Please Visit Our Sister Blog!

Hi Everyone!

First of all, thank you, thank you, thank you to Charlene Dunlap for allowing me to share Joey's Journal on this blog. I hope to catch up with his journal entries this weekend so that more of his engaging photos and adventures can be shared with you.

Secondly, I wanted to make sure that Poodle Blogger readers know about my other blog, which is full of articles concerning dog training and dog rescue, as well as personal stories people have shared about the special dogs in their lives. I would love to have a story about your favorite dog to share on either of my sites.

Coming soon...short video clips that anyone can access for free on the Knowing Dogs blog site, to show you how to teach your dog basic obedience commands, as well as how to solve common problems such as pulling on leash, jumping up and playbiting. Perfect for busy people who just don't quite have time to go to obedience classes, or for dog owners on a budget who may not currently be able to afford the services of a private trainer or behaviorist.

What is the biggest difference in Knowing Dogs and other dog trainer's websites? I promise to give you EVERYTHING...my websites are not developed to bring in local training business, so I am not giving just a touch of info in hope that you will pick up the phone and call me for an appointment! My life is such at this point that I am no longer doing in-person behavioral consultations, but I love dogs and their owners so much, my hope is to continue helping dog owners, dog show folks and rescue volunteers by sharing information through my blog posts, articles, affordable ebooks and free videos.

Please come visit me today at www.knowingdogsblog.com!

Best regards,


Monday, August 15, 2011

Joey's Lake Adventure Monday 081511

Joey's Journal - August 15, 2011

What a GREAT morning I had!! After breakfast, we all went to the lake for an hour. (The lake is about 12 minutes from our house . . . by car.)

Here I am heading out to "see" ~~

And, pouncing on a "floatie."

(Mom has lots more pictures I could send but she said not to bore you.)

When we got home, we all had a hose shower and a good towelling.
Then we lazed in the sun to dry out. (I'm gonna take a long nap after lunch. )
More later ~~