Saturday, October 29, 2011

Poodles Behaving at the Dog Park!

Just as I was posting the "mid-air" photos of Jeanne's Poodle group at the dog park, she was sending me this photo taken today at the park. The dark brindle pup is Jeanne's boy "Cole".

Jeanne says:

"Here is a photo of an intense Cole and his friend, Beamish, who also loves to chase tennis balls. My friend, Dorothy (whom Beamish owns) makes them sit before she sends a tennis ball flying from the "chuckit." Usually, Cole will sit and then start to scoot backwards to get a head start, but this time I caught him being good! We had 16 Poos this morning. Life is good with a Poo!

The 16 Poodles this morning is about average for us.........we've had 32 (I think is the correct number) on a day I wasn't able to make it. But it's not uncommon to have between 15 and 25 Poodles join us on The Poodle Walk at the Park. *G*

You are so right Jeanne, life is good with a Poo! Sure wish we had a well run dog park in our area, with a dozen or two Poodles who could meet every week---what fun! And what a testament to the breed in general, that they can have regular play dates with dozens getting along so well together!

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