Friday, December 7, 2018

We’re BACK!

Hi everyone! You probably haven’t seen any new posts on this blog in the past couple of years. This is because my Mom sold the Poodle blog, when she got busy with other things.

But, I missed having a place to share my thoughts and photos with you! So Mommy contacted the person who purchased the blog and she sold it back to us! It may take awhile before the Poodle blog starts gaining steam again, and you may see something on the site from the previous owner that we haven’t yet deleted. Please bear with Mom while she gets back in to blogging mode! 

Meanwhile, stay in touch and tell your friends who love Poodles, including partis like myself, to follow us! And Mom says be sure to send us any Christmas or holiday photos you might like to share! Who knows, you might see your photo in my next post! 

Love, Hudson (aka UKC Ch. Prodigy’s Content of Character) and his mom, Melanie Schlaginhaufen 

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