Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Poodle Joy After Pond Swimming!

I love to receive emails like this one I received tonight from my friend and Poodle photographer Rick Miles, who said:

Sadie was very very happy after her swim. Jeanne commented on the e-mail list that this was a great poodle joy picture and I just had to send it on to you.

Thank you soooo much Rick for sharing this photo (and a note to Jeanne Haight--you know me so well Jeanne, I do indeed love this joyful photo!)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lake Days Are Here Again!

I love this picture of the L'Abbe boys going over the driftwood jump! I bet they are so glad that warm weather has arrived and Chris will be taking them to the lake for swimming and playing.

As always, thank you Chris for sharing photos of your boys.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Wysong Versus Popular Industry Publication

Some time ago I obtained permission from Wysong to post their series about dog food myths and truths. I found today's post particularly interesting, because of the links provided to the Whole Food Journal, a publication that I unsubscribed to years ago, due to the biased nonsense I read in the pages. It seems Dr. Wysong recommended this publication for many years, but his company has been a recent victim of their unscientific "evaluations". Wysong is a company whose reputation is above reproach, which is very unusual for any dog company in this day and age. I hope my readers will take time to read this short article by Dr. Wysong and follow the links at the end. Wysong is the only dog food company I know of that also advocates feeding your dog fresh, natural foods as the healthiest alternative. My favorite product of Wysong's is their dehydrated meat and no, I do not sell Wysong or any other dog food, but I do often recommend their products because my experience with Wysong through the years has been wonderful. Excellent service and excellent products. I wish they were a little less expensive but if I owned only one dog, Wysong is probably the only commercial dog food I would ever feed, simply because all the other options I have tried have had various negative that I never encountered with Wysong.
Also, I have recommended their products to various clients through the years and have heard only good reports. As my readers know, I am open minded about dog food, having fed everything from raw diets to dry food, primarily due to the number of dogs I feed. Here is today's "truth" from Wysong.


The Internet has exciting potential for erasing barriers of ignorance and prejudice and bringing the world together. A universe of information is available with the click of a mouse and people around the globe can communicate instantaneously. This technology has kind of crept up on us and we now even take it for granted, but it is truly mind staggering.

It is becoming harder and harder for the media, politicians, and businesses to pull the wool over the public's eyes. Not that they do not continue to try.

Although the Internet opens a world of knowledge and facts to the public, it also is a platform for every sort of half truth, lie, mythology, yarn, and quackery. Anyone can come out of the woodwork, claim special knowledge, and put themselves forth as an authority. Surfers must be wary and discerning. The best way to do that is to be skeptical of any claim, check the credentials of the source, and do your research on the facts.

I bring this to your attention in the context of these Truths because the pet food arena is chocked full of self proclaimed experts. A favorite format is to dream up a list of good and bad pet food features and then rank products accordingly in a chart.

Such bogus criteria for evaluating pet foods are not only wrong, they are misleading and miss the point of how to feed healthily. They assume that people are feeding a particular product exclusively and therefore need someone to tell them the merits or demerits of every ingredient. This also serves the interests of brands that put themselves forth as saviors because they do or do not have this or that ingredient. Usually the people creating the comparison charts are either in the hip pocket of such companies, or have been brainwashed by them.

You can escape all this nonsense with the sense of the Optimal Health Program™, which has as its central unassailable truth, feeding in rotation, supplementing, and offering fresh whole foods.

Visit the following links to see a couple little wars our company had with some self-proclaimed pet food ranking experts:

Wysong vs. Popular Industry Publication
Wysong vs. "Dog Food Analysis" expert

by Dr. Randy Wysong, reprinted with permission.