Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Joey's Journal Wednesday August 24, 2011

Joey's Journal - August 24, 2011

Bark, bark ~~

It's still really hot here doing the day so we usually do our active stuff in the morning andhe evening after the sun goes down.

Here I am last evening waiting for Dad to get the Mule ready so we can go for a ride in the woods. Notice that I'm riding in the back with Jyah and Sydney. That lasted most of the ride. Mom is letting me decide when I want to finally ride back there.

After dinner last evening, we played a scenting game and I was REALLY GREAT at it!!
(Note from Charlene: this is how I taught Jyah and Sydney to learn to search for different scents but Joey is learning it at four-months-old, and he is AMAZING!)

The jar with baked liver inside is on the bottom bookshelf next to the blue books. Joey found it and automatically sat. The little genius! ("Sit" is the signal I train the dogs to use to tell me they've found the scent). Second picture is where he first found the jar on the sofa by the cushions. He sat automatically. What a puppy!!

Below, I set the jar on the second shelf of the music stand (next to where his nose is in the picture) then brought him into the room. It didn't take him any time to find the jar. See how he sits to get rewarded? Good, boy, Joey!!! Glenn took lots more pictures but these will give you the idea. We're going to video Joey finding the scent jar - probably next week.

I was pretty hot after searching for the jar so many times, so Dad gave me an icecube to play with . . . one of my favorite toys!!

This morning, I did my regular stuff including bringing the newspaper - then Jyah and Sydney and I relaxed in the shade for awhile.

Off to eat lunch and take a nap.


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