Friday, August 12, 2011

Introducing Joey's Journal

When I introduced you to Joey, I promised that you would hear from him soon! It took me a day or two to figure out how to transfer his photos, but that is all resolved so now I can easily share Joey's adventures with you. Joey's family includes two other Poodles, Jyah, age 11 and Sydney, age 10. Joey often mentions them in his journal and is even kind enough to allow them to be in some of his photo shoots.

Joey's Journal - August 11, 2011

Hello all ~~ good news ~~ Jyah seems to feel a little better every day, and he's drinking and eating normally (for him) now.

So, after breakfast this morning (see how good I am eating next to Jyah), we all went to PetSmart where Mom showed me about "reading."
After PetSmart (here, Mom's telling me about "parakeets"), Mom and Dad ate lunch at Qdido's where it was about 85 degrees in the shade.
See how Sydney is playing with me now? But, when she got my toy, she lay down and growled every time I came near her.
Mom and Dad are teaching me to "retrieve" . . . every time one gives me something and I take it to the other, I get a cookie. Sweet deal!!!

Below, Sydney is allowing me to sit next to her. Isn't that great?!!

Oh, did I ever show you Dad's "big" truck?


  1. congrats on the new puppy! your videos are awe inspiring

  2. i agree totally Rick, Charlene's videos and movies really are amazing! I am so grateful that she is allowing me to share Joey's Journal on the blog. Isn't he the cutest thing EVER?

  3. Joey is absolutely adorable, as is Charlene's Parti's, and so beautifully trained. I have enjoyed her videos for quite some time, and am so happy we can see them via The Poodle Blogger, now.
    I am also impressed at how much Joey is doing already. Very impressive.