Monday, August 15, 2011

Joey's Weekend Adventures

Wow, my little Poodle friend Joey is able to journal faster than I can blog! But, unlike me, Joey has STAFF. Well, Joey just calls them family (Poodle friends Jyah and Sydney, and his human parents Charlene and Glenn Dunlap) but Joey sure keeps them all busy! Note to Joey, I'm really not too jealous, as I don't think I would be too comfortable having photographers following me around, especially when I have a bad hair day. But you need to get used to it, Joey, since you are already being groomed for your role as a future movie star!

Here are a few highlights from Joey's weekend...stay tuned as Joey and friends really had some fun today (Monday) so I hope to post that later today!

Joey's Journal - August 13, 2011

Rain! Rain! Rain! We've had at least seven inches here since yesterday, and I'm all scraggly and wet. But, it's quite cool today so we got to go in the big building to play . . . here, Mom is playing "Fishing for Joey".

I learned about going up and down a big ramp -- also, got to go through some tunnels. I LOVE tunnels!!

I learned about going up and down a big ramp -- also, got to go through some tunnels. I LOVE tunnels!! Then we had some ice cream ~~ yum, yum!! I've learned to eat out of a spoon.
Hope everyone is doing well ~~Love, Joey
Joey's Journal - August 14, 2011

Hi All ~~

Before it rained (and, it's supposed to continue today), there was an empty bucket outside. Dad measured the water in it this morning and there was ten inches!! It's hasn't rained yet this morning so, since it was fairly pleasant, I got to learn more obstacles in the play yard. (Dad says to tell you it's been too hot and wet for him to spray weeds much this summer.)

Here is my first time going over the BIG sway bridge . . . the sway part is 16 feet long. Look at me go!! It was easy peasy .

I even went up and down the stairs by myself . . . and I'm only four months old!! Mom says I'm a SUPER SMART puppy. (note from Melanie--I agree with your Mom!!!)
(Below) This maze tunnel has a flip-flop board that I'm going over. Makes my tummy drop. Dad's helping me on the BIG seesaw.

In the BIG building, this was my first time through the collasped tunnel. No problem. (Below) See how good I am at jumping!!
Instead of bringing the newspaper to Mom like I usually do, this morning I decided it would be fun to keep it and pull off the plastic. Dad had to remind me that I would get a cookie if I took it to Mom -- so I did. I like cookies better than plastic . . . for now.
Mom said she's going to clip off more of my hair today because next week we start shooting my first movie. It's going to be about a puppy who learns that "reading" can take him on all sorts of adventures. It's my first acting job and I don't know what to expect, but I'll let you know how it goes.

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  1. Joey, you have been a busy boy this week, and now your first movie??? I am SO impressed!! Can't wait to see the results! You are also one stunning pup!!
    You and I share the love of ice cream!!! Morgen and Cole Poodles send their regards..........they think you're pretty handsome, too!!!