Saturday, August 20, 2011

Joey the Actor Is Already Quite Busy!

Joey's Journal - August 20, 2011

Hello Everyone -- well, we've been pretty busy here. Yesterday, we started shooting my first movie. Mom says I'm a natural actor, and I'm only four months old!! She says she loves that I'm so expressive . . . I even do "head tilts" just like my big brother Jyah. (Mom is ecstatic about that!)

Here's a still from video we took this morning where I'm carrying a "library" book away from the Chatham County Bookmobile. Sadly, the bookmobile was demobilized last month due to county budget cuts. Happily, Dad found where it was parked and we got some video shots.
For the pictures below, I was on a green-painted floor in front of a green-painted wall and Dad shot video of me doing different things that mom was telling me to do. Then Mom put these shots into some video clips and chroma-keyed the green out so that it looks like I'm really in these different places. Mom says there is quite a bit more work to do in the chroma-key process to make me look "natural" in the scenes -- but these "raw" clips are just as she put me into them without any adjustments.

Here I am in Australia learning about kangaroos
And watching Barong dancers in Bali
Then I went to Italy to watch a 17th century festa
And on to Rarotonga to search for seashells.
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  1. Joey, I can tell you and your Mom have been working hard this week! I am very impressed, and if you had not told me, I would have thought you truly visited all these places. Keep up the good work!

  2. This was great! I loved it!