Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Welcoming Scotty!

I was thrilled when Charlene Dunlap of Canine Horizons agreed to let me introduce her new addition to her Poodle family. If you have followed the blog, you have seen journal entries from in the past from the handsome and talented Joey (Kitsue's Calypso Kid).

The adorable young red and white boy is Joey's new little brother Scotty (Kitsue's Calypso Kid).

Congratulations Charlene and thanks for sharing these photos with my readers!

As you can see, Scotty is already learning to pose for photos, both outdoors and inside in the training building where he is already training for future movie shots!

For more information about the incredible training Charlene does with her dogs, including movie work, or more information about the history of parti-colored Poodles, please visit her website, www.caninehorizons.com. If you would like to just enjoy the adventures and training of the Parti boys, you can enjoy this on the second Canine Horizons website by clicking here: Canine Horizons Parti Boys.

Canine Horizon's website is a wealth of Poodle information, including even short Poodle movies for your enjoyment!

Note to Scotty--wishing you many great years of fun with Charlene, Glenn and the Dunlap's parti Poodle pack of Jyah, Sydney and Joey. You could not have picked a better home to join!

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  1. Hi Melanie!

    Thanks for featuring "The Parti Boys" on your Poodle Blogger site. I LOVE the temperament on these puppies! Joey (now seven months) is endlessly patient with the new baby and they play and play together. What fun it is to have puppies again after all these years!

    Canine Horizons