Friday, October 22, 2010


I love Poodles.

I’m talking about all Poodles--big curly dogs, energetic water dogs, little lap dogs, flying leap agility dogs, groomed-up-to-look-ridiculous show dogs and just plain simple Poodle dogs. If it is Poodle-ly, it is, in my book, fascinating.

I’ve been known to drive around in my husband’s construction truck with a Standard Poodle in show coat who has their hair up in colored papers and rubber bands. Why? Just to irritate non-Poodle folk I guess.

Although I have trained and shown other dogs for many years, I don’t have any Poodles in show coat anymore, in fact, never even had a Poodle “show dog” turn out to be of show and breeding quality, so they have all retired to be beloved housedogs and training demo dogs. My first Standard Poodle became an excellent therapy dog at nursing homes, but another Poodle that came to me at a late age after his owner passed away never did anything more exciting than play a little tennis ball with us and make the neighbors smile at his clownish ways when we took him on walks. But each one of them, each curly dog that has ever ventured into my life, has been worth their weight in gold.

I hope never to be without at least one Poodle dog. There is just something about these creatures, these people in curly dog suits. If you feel the same, this blog is dedicated to you….to Poodle lovers everywhere. Enjoy!

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