Thursday, December 16, 2010

All is not what it seems!

Doesn't my friend's dog Morgen have an elegant, almost regal expression in this photo?

But the story behind this photograph is something entirely different. Morgen's Mom, Jeanne Haight, shares with us:

There is a story behind this picture Mellie. It is my favorite photo of Morgen but I laugh when everyone who sees it mentions how elegant and ladylike she looks.

To get this photo, I had to lay on my belly in the grass. Now, for a 75 year old lady, that is no mean feat! It is not the laying down that gets you, it is the getting back UP!

Morgen was only about a year old in this picture but she had already graduated from Basic and Advanced Obedience classes. Morgen even earned her Canine Good Citizens certificate, so she was well versed in knowing what I meant when I was saying "Morgen, watch me Morgen...Morgen...Morgen!"

She was totally ignoring me and that regal look was actually Morgen's "I don't feel like watching you" expression!!


  1. hahah. That is rather funny Jeanne. Great picture!

  2. Only very smart, savvy poodles can do the "ignore thing" to their owners and still maintain that "I am gorgeous" attitude. Morgen does it extremely well. And she definitely is gorgeous. You are lucky, Jeanne.