Friday, March 30, 2012

Fun Photos from Scotty's Journal

My gorgeous parti Poodle boyfriends Scotty and Joey continue to send me their journal and I know you will LOVE seeing their photos and hearing the latest! Here is a note from Scotty, back from March 19. For more recent updates, please see the boy's personal website, which is always so much fun!
Canine Horizons Website Two Featuring the Parti Boys

Scotty's Journal - March 19, 2012 - Monday

We've had really warm weather here - mid 80s in the daytime so we get up early and get all our activities done in the morning and then we dogs sleep in the afternoon.

This weekend, we all had baths - nice looking bunch, huh?
Here's Joey -- Mom says he has TONS of hair because it is SO thick and plush.
This morning we went for a walk in the park down from our house..
Here's Joey and me at the end or our walk - see how big I'm getting!
A family portrait < bark, bark, bark, bark >
I sent Aunt Mellie lots of photos of us training and playing, we are learning so many new things! Be sure to visit our website to see more. Aunt Mellie wanted to make sure you saw this fun photo taken of Joey when we all practiced catch. We sat in a group and Dad tossed us cookies, what fun!

Thank you Scotty! Love to all of you, Aunt Mellie


  1. Thats a nice bunch of goodlooking doggies!

  2. Love these Parti Poodles. Just beautiful, and SO talented!!!!