Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Partis from Across the Globe!

Jitka Vlasáková with Poodles shown in Prague, photo courtesy of Millano Photo.
When I saw this gorgeous photo, all I could say was "wow"!  Rarely in this country do we have shows where there would be this many "dogs of multi-colors" entered, plus I was impressed that all of them posed so nicely for the photo!   There is one solid colored boy in the back, who happens to be parti-factored (his genes allow him to produce parti-colored Poodles) and he was bred by a well known Poodle breeder in the US, Kathy Esio-King of Jacknic Poodles.

Adéla Hlavatá, one of my Facebook friends sent me this photo to share on the Poodle blog,  along with the following information about the dogs in the photo:
In the middle of the Poodles is Jitka Vlasáková, who owns the lovely female dog sitting in front of her (Nelly) and Jitka's dog "Jack" is sitting beside Nelly. Adéla says the two females on the left are Infinity and Haky, who are Adela's only Standards (they are lovely Adela!)
Lying down are Poodles owned by Tomáš Růžička (from left "Ivanhoe, Herro and Q").  And the beautiful boys sitting on the right are "ian" owned by Mirka Plevová and . And boys sitting on the right are Mirka Plevová ("Ian") and"Inkognito" who belongs to Hana Šimková.
Interested in keeping up with this lovely party of parti Poodles?  Eveyone except Hana Šimková can be found on Facebook. Adela says that the Poodles whose  names begin "I" are sisters and brother, all out of Jitka´s lovely girl Nelly.
Congratulations Jitka, on breeding such beautiful dogs!  Adela, it is wonderful hearing from Poodles all the way from the Czech Republic and the show in Prague, thank you!
Please forgive me for any changes in font size in this post---I had to copy and paste the names so I could be sure to get them correct!  Even though my last name is Schlaginhaufen, I don't even know how to get my computer to put the accent marks above these lovely foreign names!
Isn't Facebook fun?  It allows us to get to know people from all over the world, some of whom become close friends.  Because Standard Poodles are now plagued by so many health problems, it is more important than ever for ethical breeders to network and get to know each other.  Thank you again Adela, for sharing this photo!  I hope all of these Poodle owners will join us by clicking on the left hand side of this website : Follow the Poodle Blogger by email.:  Remember, your email address will NEVER be shared with anyone, this website is totally for Poodle owners to share information and get to know other Poodle lovers.

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  1. Cogratulation Jitka on breeding such pretty dogs with my own breeding Nelly and Kimi and for using my stud dogs Nelson and Don...I'm proud of my offsprings and my grandchild's...like I have breed them by myself ;)