Tuesday, October 8, 2013

News from Hudson, Before and After

I have been working on an interview with ? - it will be a surprise, but it will definitely be interesting to those of you who love Multi-colored Poodles, yet have trouble finding a breeder who is ethical and does health clearances. In addition, she has absolutely gorgeous dogs who are doing wonderfully well in the show ring and other venues.

For now, I thought you might enjoy seeing Hudson's before and after grooming photos. I truly gave it a good try, but was so very grateful that a very talented junior (junior showmanship), Cheyenne Maggart, offered to neaten him up and make him look a bit more like a show groom when we arrived at the show site.

Cheyenne, thank you again for all you did to help us. After showing AKC with another breed for over 3 decades, you wouldn't think I would be nervous but I was, terribly, about showing a Poodle for the first time in the UKC ring. And the grooming was the thing that was making me the most jittery, as I have always left the scissoring to the professionals!

Here is Hudson, pre-Cheyenne, before we left home, my efforts here at our grooming room at home:
Now here he is with Cheyenne, actually just before we left on the last day. He actually looked even prettier the first day, before he had played around all weekend. This is just a quick picture from my hubby's cell phone, please forgive lack of editing.
And lastly, here he is set up in the ring with me at the first show of this circuit:
We had a great time, and my little Huddy Buddy is getting close to his UKC Championship, he just needs one more competition win! Cannot wait to put the Ch. in front of Prodigy's Content of Character, his registered name. Sure wish AKC would accept our beautiful multi-colored Poodles so we could do that also, but for now, Huddy's plans are just to continue training, perhaps to go AKC for some Rally events when he is ready.  AKC does allow all colors of Poodles to be registered and shown in performance events.

He's pretty in the show ring, but the real treasure of this dog is the love he gives us on a daily basis. Right Huddy?  He got kicked out of my lap so I could type this post, so he is laying under the recliner right now, patiently waiting to see if there is any more playtime or lapdog time being offered this evening.  He stays as close as possible, but he is also a gentleman if he must be crated when we leave the house. 

But of course he's still a pup at heart, and sometimes gets the "zoomies" and chases poor Kate, our older Poodle, around until Mom puts a stop to it!  And he also knows exactly how to be a "Poodle clown", laying upside down in adorable postures or throwing his toys up in the air and retrieving them as if he is playing a game all by himself!

Thanks again Cheyenne, for all of your help at the Hickory, NC circuit this past weekend.  And as always, thanks to Hudson's breeder and co-owner, Heather Bryan of Prodigy Poodles for sharing him with us.

Poodles are truly wonderful, aren't they?


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  1. Hi Melanie,
    There is just something about poodles that no other breed of dog has. Their playfulness , the clowning around and the oh to be so elegant are some of the delightful traits they possess that are beyond compare. The love they show and how they intuitively feel when something is wrong with you are so special.
    Hudson is a very beautiful poodle and I hope that your relationship with him will last for many years to come.
    Love Elza Bester xxxx

  2. Thank you Eliza, please become a follower of our little blog if you haven't already. There are going to be some lovely photos of Poodles soon when the breeder interview comes out. Hudson is my little buddy, your comment made my day, thanks again!