Saturday, January 4, 2014

Memories....and wishes for a Happy New Year, without Regrets

Happy New Year!

I was actually looking for a funny photo of Kate, my old girl, to wish you a wonderful New Year. But while going through photos, I found this one of her half-sister, Lizzie, that I had entitled "Mom, I am sooo tired of this photo shoot!"  Because I think that was exactly what was in her mind when we took this photo.

We owned a boarding kennel then, and Lizzie had put up with over an hour of photos before this, out in the training field, then we had taken her over by the pond, trying to get a "relationship photo" of the two of us. I am not so sure what this photo says about our relationship, but it has always made me laugh.  I believe this photo was taken in 2004 or 2005.  Sadly, we lost Lizzie in 2008, just before she turned 7 years old, from lymphoma. Kate, her younger half sister, is now 11 and not doing well.  We sure miss the days when both were well and happy--they brought us so much happiness through the years.

No, this is going to be a sad post.  Just a reminder.  A reminder to love your dogs, your friends, your family, while they are here with you this year.  Because we never know what the future may bring. Hopefully this will be a year of health and happiness.

But part of life is loss, no one lives forever.  So TODAY, do something fun with your dogs. Call or email a friend.  Better yet, drop a note in the mail!  Did you know that there is still such a thing as a mailbox, and many people would love to open that box and find a note from you next week?

Wishing you and yours the very best New Year ever. Lots of everything good, but God's true comfort should you experience a loss.  And most of all, no regrets.

Melanie, and her Poodle friends Kate and Hudson

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