Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Back to Blogging, with Brodie

Hi, it's Brodie, also affectionally known at times as Bobo, or just Bo. My Mom has been slack on blogging now for some time, so I thought I would step in and give her a hand. First order of business, we need to find some vendors for the blog, because Poodleit, and others that are just filling up space, no longer seem to be active. If you have a favorite vendor of Poodle products, let us know so we can reach out to them! At this time, we don't require any fee or affiliate percentage, since we are starting from scratch to once again build up the Poodle Blog readership. We are glad to review any product that a vendor may wish to send, and if we think other Poodle owners need to know about the product (from grooming products, toys to snoods, leggings and raincoats, you name it) we will be glad to share.
By early Spring 2023, our best picks will have a link on the right hand column or on the bottom of all of our posts. For more information on sending a product for review, or if you are a reader just wishing to share about your favorite products, email us at knowingdogs@gmail.com. Secondly, an update on my favorite Poodle...guess who! Yep, I know, everyone tells me I am a pretty special fellow. In fact, Mom has taken so many photos and videos of my antics,that she is out of storage on her Iphone! Dad takes me on rides in his big truck quite often and I am a favorite at places that sell biscuits in the morning, even though Mom won't let me eat any of them. Of course I much prefer a piece of dried chicken or beef lung when I get home, but the ladies at Biscuitville act so disappointed when Dad says I can't have one of their homemade doggy biscuits. No white flour says Mom! This photo of me with the Winter Wonderland background was my first major when my friend Kelly Knight offered to take me to shows in Perry, Georgia.
Here are a couple more of my AKC show photos, of course these were almost a year ago now, but I'm just as handsome as ever. Soon I will see if I can find some photos of me in my Sporting trim. Here are some of my win photos with my handler Ann Rairigh of Litilann Poodles, she did a good job of making me behave! Well, at least we tried hard!
I didn't have many show photos, because only one circuit with my friend Kelly Knight, and a few Florida shows with Ann, and I was all done! Boy was Mommy happy, and Daddy was thrilled that I got back home so soon.Don't tell the other Schlaginhaufen dogs, but I think I just might be his favorite!
If I don't see you before the holidays, have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year! Hopefully by January, Mom will remember how to get her spacing right when she is typing on Blogger. Best wishes, Brodie, also known as AKC/UKC Champion Crystal Creek's Irish Creme

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