Thursday, August 2, 2012

Meet some of my Favorite Poodle friends!

I love this lady! Folks who attend Poodle parties in New Hampshire will immediately know her and probably be able to name both Poodles as well. Thanks to the internet, it is possible to meet wonderful dog people even though they live many states away.

Also, I want to introduce readers to another Poodle friend, this one much closer, the breeder of my sweet girl Kate (our curent Standard Poodle) as well as Lizzie, a Poodle of ours from the past who was one of our all time favorites. We won't make Judy a part of the caption contest yet since I know many of my readers are from up north and Judy Butler is in North Carolina, my old stomping grounds. But I hope one of these days soon I can get her to agree to a breeder interview that I can post here so you can really "meet" her. She was the president for many years of the Central Carolina Poodle Club, and she is a breeder who checks her breeding stock for hereditary defects, and she has many years of Poodle knowledge.

Here is a photo of Judy taking a Best in Specialty Match with her gorgeous show pup Quigley (be sure you see her website to be able to see more photos of her dogs in a bigger format):

Judy is a breeder of show quality Standards, but she always has some sweet dogs available to companion dog homes. i know that she has two beautiful adolescent girls looking for forever pet homes, so if you have interest in knowing more about her and her Poodles, take a look at the Wildgayle Poodles website:

As always, a reminder about the Caption/or Identify me contest, see links below if you aren't familar with this very, very easy way to win a $30 Amazon gift certificate!


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