Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Someone is SUCH a good boy....

Anyone know who this sweet boy is who behaves so well for his daily teeth brushing?

The "Identify Me" or "Give Me a Caption" contest is ending after just a few more photos, so please be sure to go back through older posts and get your comments in! Each comment gives you one entry, and then we will pull from the hat, very soon!


  1. I can't write anything witty or caption, but I have to tell you how much I love the parti-poodle! I'd never seen them before until your family of lovelies!x

  2. Nope Jeanne but you are very have the last name right! Flora, I love the partis too. I don't have but one Poodle left and she is a solid black but you can see many amazing photos of beautiful partis on my friends website, It was through Charlene Dunlap that I originally met this unique and gorgeous color of Poodle.