Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Beginning to Love Those Tails!

I confess, it took me awhile to get used to the look of Standard Poodles with undocked tails. But my friend Charlene Dunlap kept sending me gorgeous photos of her parti-colored Poodles Joey and Scotty, and especially right after they are groomed, those tails are actually quite pretty and seem to add to the dog's character!

And how nice that breeders are beginning to realize it is not necessary to cut off a tail, which is actually an extension of the dog's spinal cord, in order to have a handsome dog.

Deb Pope got her lovely Poos from Crabapple Downs, and was kind enough to share these photos. Look at her lovely blue girl Dolly (born 2009)taken just recently after a bath, thus her tail is nice and fluffy!

And who can resist Deb's handsome two year old red boy Leo? You can certainly see his personality in this shot!

Thanks so much Deb, for sharing these photos so we can all enjoy!

by guest blogger Melanie Schlaginhaufen. All photos in this post remain the property of their owners and may not be reproduced in any fashion.


  1. I also have a Miniature Poodle with undocked tail.
    I keep that way as an added flair for their appearance. I just make sure they are always brushed and cleaned all the time. hehe.

  2. Thanks Megan, for sharing about your mini. I guess a longer tail is just a little bit more hair to brush!