Friday, November 2, 2012

The Perfect Parti Four

Guess who? If you read the blog, I bet you'll know the names of at least three!

Many thanks to Charlene Dunlap of Canine Horizons for sharing this photo of her movie stars for our enjoyment.


  1. I love these poodles! They really ar supermodels! What glamour!

  2. they are beautiful thanks for sharing! I have an apricot girl named Sunny!

  3. I agree, they are soooo lovely! I had the privilege of knowing the two on the right personally, when I lived in NC, but I have not yet met "in person" the newer two, on the left, the younger fellows.
    They are, from left to right, Joey, Scotty, Jyah and Sydney. I hope you have time to visit Charlene's website, there is a link off the home page that is all about Joey and Scotty, including free videos of their newest movies!

  4. what an interesting parti color poodle