Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Lovely Poodles in Rescue Need Homes!

Today I found out an amazing thing, a Jack Russell rescue organization in Greensboro, North Carolina found out about a rural NC breeder who decided to retire and surrender a total of 14 Poodles, and they stepped up to help. Pilots and Paws Volunteer Pilots were kind enough to fly all 14 dogs from Henderson, NC to this rescue group in Greensboro, NC in February. They have even been professionally groomed, and they are doing well on crate-training, so they are well on their way to becoming housetrained.

Busy, a little lady who is only 6 months old
As with all of the dogs in the care of Finding Great Homes for Great Jack Russells Like You, adopters must qualify so that each dog is carefully matched to its forever home.There is an adoption fee to help cover the cost of their medical care, and to help this group continue to save special animals like these. You can see more information on each dog, including age, adoption fees and other details, on the group's list of adoptable animals on Petfinder (see link at the bottom of this post).

Another lovely female, she and her 2 littermates are available

This little sweetie below is so gorgeous, I am coveting him for my own!  I still have to convince my husband that it is time to add another forever family member, but I am working on it.  Isn't he lovely?  I believe that Robin, the group's director, told me that he is about 11 pounds now.  Although they came from a toy Poodle breeder, some appear to be true Toy size, in that they will mature under 10 pounds, while a few might be a little larger, like small miniature Poodles. Most all of the males were young, like 6-8 months old but since they came from a breeding situation, some of the females are adults of varying ages (but there are some females under the age of a year as well).
Butler (above) and his two male brothers are still puppies,but all are doing well on their crate-training, and are learning how to walk on leash.  Butler looks like he will be mature to be a light apricot or a cream with apricot markings. One of his brothers is a white and silver parti-colored boy, and the other brother, Carson (below) looks like he may mature to be a blue with a tad of white markings on his face.

If you are looking for a dog just a tad bigger, there is even a  20 pound Cockapoo, Scout, you can see his photo and read about him on their Petfinder site, as well as the inevitable extremely appealing Jack Russells and other dogs who are blessed to be in this group. There are detailed write-ups about each dog, and most have several photos, and their adoption fees are listed on Petfinder as well.  Their adoption center is open daily 10-5, but they will even set up other times if needed to work with an approved adopter.  See the link to their website under their logo at the bottom of this post--you can find their email and even an adoption application on their Petfinder website link.

It is my goal to get down to Greensboro to meet these Poodles and this group's director, Robin Manley, hopefully within the next week, so I will have a true "interview" about their group to post for you soon. In the meantime, will you help network so that these precious Poodles will find their permanent homes very soon?  I think anyone who is in a position to adopt would be blessed to have one of them, I'm sitting here ready to fill out my adoption application and write my check, but even if hubby doesn't give approval to my desire to adopt---I can still do what each of you can do---we can all help by networking, and by giving donations to help them keep up the wonderful work that is being done so that more dogs can be saved!

 Remember, every donation, even five dollars here and there, adds up. Veterinary care is, unfortunately, quite expensive.  Also, if you happen to live in the Triad area, please get in touch with Robin to find out about volunteer opportunities. If your heart desires to help, there is always something to be done!
Greensboro, North Carolina



  1. Just had an update this morning....three little boys and two or three girls are still left from this group of Poodle rescues. And although the adorable little "Busy" above has been adopted, the others are just as cute, photos cannot do them justice! So if it is on your heart at all to adopt a small Poodle or to donate to help them, please do so soon. I am sure this group appreciates any and all help.

  2. let me know what you find out they are so precious! I would love to but yes as you have to convince my hubby, my daughter just left with her dog and we are down to one dog and sunny is missing her friend cali !

    1. Wow Deb, down to one dog! I did hear today about two 7 year old Standards, housetrained, a male and a female one is apricot and one is cream. But the catch is...they are very, very bonded to each other so the lady will only let them go together. No adoption fee though to the right home.
      I will let you know about these little
      ones! I am looking forward to going to see them but husband is not sure, thinks he may just have to wait on a Standard. But he say "no way" when I spoke to him about taking two Standards! He seems to have forgotten that we DID survive when we had 4 Standards and 1 mini years ago. Of course that would not be my choice now, too much grooming!