Saturday, March 16, 2013

Morgen and Cole Haight Dropping In

Morgen and Cole Haight
Lovely Morgen Haight, a Crabapple Downs Poodle

I absolutely never post twice on the same day, but after that long article, I just had to post something pretty and positive for my readers tonight!

My friend Jeanne Haight has been so kind, from practically day one of this blog, to share photos with me of her dogs.  

The resident queen at the Haight household is Morgen, pictured above after a recent groom.  She always has such a soulful, deep look in her lovely dark eyes. The little mustached boy beside Morgen is "Cole", a Moyen sized Poodle from Crabapple Downs.

I mention their breeder because reading a recent article on her website actually was the inspiration for the article below about health versus showing, etc. Arlene Mills is the breeder of Jeanne's sweet Morgen and Mr. Cole. I found the honesty in Arlene's link on her website entitled "Genetic Research/Poodle Health Registry" quite refreshing.

Thank you Jeanne, for sharing photos of your sweet Poodles!   Happy St. Patrick's Day, give them a green cookie from me tomorrow!

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