Thursday, May 19, 2011

Please help Lacy!

My friend Corinne Grant, in Greensboro, North Carolina asked me to let all of my Poodle friends know about this special little girl named Lacy. She is in need of a forever home due to the death of her owner.

Here is what her temporary foster home had to say about sweet little Lacy:

Lacy is a 10 year old white miniature poodle. Her owner died 3 weeks ago and she has been at the vet having a little surgery to remove two warts on her back so she is missing a little hair. She gets along great with kids, other dogs and loves to be talked to. Her owner was an 89-year old widow and she is a inside lap dog. I have all of her records. She has been a patient of Greensboro Vet on High Point Rd. She has had her senior annual and is on heartworm preventive. We have all of her supplies. She has a small heart murmur and she is on meds for that.

If you do have someone interested we would love to talk to them We are willing to supply them with a supply of heartworm and heart murmur meds if need be.

Thanks for your help. She is a really sweet dog.


Is there a place in your home and your heart for this little one?

Lacy is in the Greensboro, North Carolina area. If you are interested in Lacy, please contact Corinne Grant at

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