Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pond Swimming and Bad Hair Days?

My friend Rick Miles attends all the Poodle parties with his friends up on Poodle Mountain in New Hampshire. I love seeing all the Crabapple Downs Poodles and their owners having fun...but my favorite of all the photos almost always involve Poodles in the Pond on Poodle Mountain! Enjoy!

Thank you Rick, for sharing the joy of Poodle Mountain even with those of us who have never had the pleasure of visiting!


  1. Its fun to see swimming dogs, but it a lot more fun seeing swimming poodles! Poodles are a cute/smart dog breed.

  2. Hi Melanie,
    Best way to beat the heat and love poodle having fun. Wishing for a video! Swimming is great exercise to lower body temperature and to lose weight. Swimming makes our heart and lungs strong and prevent from major health disease like depression and cardio.