Saturday, May 28, 2011

Who is the Poodle Blogger?

Hi! I'm Melanie Schlaginhaufen, the Poodle blogger. As of this date, the Poodle blog is still in its beginning stages. However, I would love for you to join us, and let me know what type of things you would like to read about on a Poodle blog.

I am a dog trainer and writer, who specializes in solving canine behavioral problems. My bio can be found on my Knowing Dogs website, by clicking here: About Melanie. Also on my Knowing Dogs site, you will find dog training articles, as well as information on affordable, easy-to-read dog ebooks that you may find helpful.

On my Knowing Dogs website, you will also find a link to the Knowing Dogs blog, which is full of dog training articles, product reviews and all types of things for dog owners and dog rescue volunteers.

Hope to meet you soon, via one blog or another!


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  1. If there is one thing that confuses people, it is the different styles of poodle training. Each dog may require a different training.