Monday, July 30, 2012

Lovely Redheads!

Who are these pretty red-headed strangers? i think they are both lovely! Surely some of my Poodle friends who go up to the Poodle parties in New Hampshire at Poodle mountain will recognize them!

Remember, letting us know who is in the photo, or simply giving it a cute caption will give you an entry in the contest! See this post below for the easy rules of how to win a $30 Amazon gift certificate: Identify these Poodles and Win, Win, Win!!!


  1. "Maddy" is saying, "Hey, Natalie, where's YOUR sun's hot out here!!!!!"

  2. So Maddy is the gorgeous Poodle and Natalie is the pretty young lady? They make such a cute couple!

    1. Natalie is Arlene's granddaughter and Maddy is a rescue poodle

  3. Oh that makes it even more special...that Natalie is the granddaughter of the Grand Queen of Poodle Mountain, and that Maddy is a rescue!