Saturday, July 28, 2012

Gorgeous Movie Stars!

We have a fun contest going on right now...daily photos will be posted on the Poodle Blog for the next few weeks. A prize of a $30 Amazon gift certificate (you can literally buy ANYTHING on Amazon!) will be given to the person who has the most daily comments of either 1) identifying the dog who is pictured in the photo, or 2) giving the photo a cute caption. That's all there is to it, easy to win!
This family of Poodles are wonderful ambassadors for the breed, because of their training for the movies they star in! You will find an article or two on this blog about this unusual color pattern, which was actually present in Poodles when the breed was first developed.
i think most Poodle blog readers will have an easy time guessing whose these lovely dogs are, since I am including this photo with a BIG clue--their beautiful owner sitting with them! One of the stars was just a young pup this photo was taken a few months back.

No, she is a not a breeder...the owner of these dogs is just one of the most dedicated Poodle owners I have ever met. She truly loves Standard Poodles, and is about the most amazing dog trainer (of any breed) that I have ever met, plus she is a very talented writer, movie producer, photographer...I could go on and on.

Name the lovely lady in the picture plus name all 4 of her Poodles and your contest entry for this post will go in as 5 entries--so when you read this post, as long as the contest is still going on, take advantage of getting 5 chances to win instead of just one!


  1. Ooh, ooh, I know this one!!!
    Charlene Dunlap, with her gorgeous Poos, Sydney, Joey, Scottie, and Jyah.

  2. Go Jeanne, yep, that is exactly who all these gorgeous movie stars are!

  3. Your dogs are gorgeous! Kelsey Towicz